My expertise lies in everything that concerns digital products and solutions. Here I am laying out some of the tangible services that I am offering. Let me know if you need anything that is not listed here but could fit my profile.

Product Development with Bubble is a professional no-code platform that can be used to implement web applications very quickly. It provides a visual development environment, a database, a user management system and many more features to create new products from scratch.

Bubble allows me to basically work as a one-man product team, where I manage and implement the whole product. The no-code approach avoids a lot of the overhead and reinventing the wheel that conventional development has to deal with. That’s why I can deliver exeptional results in a very short time.

Creation of internal tools and pages with Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint Sites

PowerApps offers companies an easy way to create internal tools and applications in a short time. It provides a visual editor and several ways to connect the application to data. For example, you can connect a PowerApp to a SharePoint list and update the data through the app.

Product Management

 There are infinite ways of creating a digital product and with my experience I help my clients to make the right decisions. I work as a dedicated product manager as well as in a mixed way, where I take over management and implementation of the product.

Technology Consulting and Scouting

It is difficult but extremely important for companies to build a collection of tools and technologies that provide great results and efficient processes. 

I support my clients to create such a collection of tools from available software and help them to introduce it successfully to the company.