Expert Low-Code Solutions for your Business

I create high-quality web apps and websites that are easily maintainable and look great. With my experience as product manager and my sense for design, I can function as a whole product team in one.



Low-Code Development

With low-code platforms I can create mobile apps, web apps and websites in a breeze.


Product Management

I support my clients in making the right decisions about what to build and how.


User Experience Design

Whatever I build has to work well, look good and feel right.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

When asked for, I enjoy giving my outsider’s perspective on business topics.



I communicate quickly, clear and transparently  with everyone involved.


Product Development with Bubble

Internal tools with Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint​

Product Management​

Technology Consulting


I try to  build long-lasting relationships with my clients and serve as a trusted technical advisor. For the entrepreneurs that I work with, I try to be a CTO and co-founder, so they can talk to me also about business related topics.


16 Years of

The first product I built was a wireless charging device for mobile phones in 2006. It didn’t go anywhere but it started my journey and sparked my ever-lasting passion for creating great products and solutions.


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